• My Quest to Learn Music


    An Audacious Goal My goal is to compose and produce a song (with my own vocals and an instrument) within 12 months, starting from musical scratch. There. I said it. I’ve flip-flopped on this more than a few times in the past couple months. Finally I decided that I simply had to do it. Music has been […]

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  • Beating Duolingo: The Best Language Learning Software


    Check out my next steps for learning a language after beating Duolingo for the best way to continue your learning, or learn how to create the perfect practice plan if you’re just getting started. This post is one of my many reviews of educational software, and there are more language learning resources at the end. When I first found Duolingo […]

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  • Building Focus

    Mind Control

    I’ve received a few requests for this post, so here it is: my approach to focus. It is not an end-all be-all solution for everybody, but rather a look at the key underlying ways you can keep yourself moving towards a task. The tricks here should work well for anybody, but some may need to […]

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  • How to Become Ambidextrous

    It always seemed cool to me to be ambidextrous. People who can do things with both hands are more versatile; if you’ve ever broken your dominant hand, you know how useful this skill can be.  As I began to do research for this experiment, though, I discovered a number of other reasons to become ambidextrous […]

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  • Study Hack: Create a Language Bubble

    Creating a language bubble is a great way to make use of otherwise “wasted” time when learning a new language. One blogger has even used it to learn Japanese before ever arriving in Japan. The idea is to surround yourself as much as possible with the target language so the time otherwise spent in your native […]

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  • Language Hack: Learn Words from Natives

    Some of the best language learners advocate speaking from day one.  Even if you’re lucky enough to be living in an area where your target language is spoken, often it is pretty difficult to jump into speaking so quickly.  I developed this trick to get native speakers to act as my own personal vocabulary coach […]

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