• The Learning Curve: How Muscle Memory and Memorization Work


    Anything you want to learn probably has both a physical (muscle memory) and mental (rote memorization) component. Both of them have their own “learning curve.” It’s easy to see that memorizing the bones of the body for a biology test is a largely mental task, while picking up a new sport is largely physical. It might surprise […]

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  • Educational Websites: List of Free Online Courses


    Are you an autodidact (do you love teaching yourself new things)? Or are you just looking to pick up a new skill? The following websites can help you learn just about anything. They are in no particular order. I’ve tried to list prices, course style, and available courses where applicable. Please chime in with any new […]

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  • Using Tracking to Accomplish More


    This post is a part of the 10 Steps to Nonstop Accomplishment series. If you like the tips in this post, check out the other posts in the series for maximum accomplishment, energy, and motivation.   If there is a single undervalued psychological technique to accomplish more, it is that of tracking. If you don’t know where […]

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  • Building Focus

    Mind Control

    I’ve received a few requests for this post, so here it is: my approach to focus. It is not an end-all be-all solution for everybody, but rather a look at the key underlying ways you can keep yourself moving towards a task. The tricks here should work well for anybody, but some may need to […]

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  • Research: Can We Learn Digitially?

    Nobody wants digital learning techniques (software, games etc.) to succeed more than me. I was formally trained in computer science and video game design, and readers of the blog know that neuroscience, human learning and foreign languages are all amongst my primary interests. I’ve even created a few iPhone apps aimed at helping students of […]

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  • Study Hack: 5 Things Teachers wish Students Knew

    I dislike school.  This may be surprising given that, despite culminating my upper-education with a Bachelor’s degree a year ago, I have not been outside the classroom for more than a summer at any point in my life.   Schools, especially those in the formal educational system, are extraordinarily imperfect tools at best.  The vast […]

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