• Hand Writing Can Make You Smarter

    hand writing

    Whether you’re in a lecture, workshop, or you’re trying to learn something new through a how-to book, you will probably be jotting down notes about what you’re learning. Are you jotting them on a piece of paper, or typing them in a word file? Science says that hand writing is the way to turn note-taking […]

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  • Use a Standing Desk to Think Better

    stand-up desk

    By now, most of us have heard about the standing desk trend. Because of the health risks of a sedentary office job, desks that allow you to stand while working have been introduced in many workplaces. But standing desks have also been introduced reason in the classroom for other another – better attention and learning. […]

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  • Study Hack: 5 Things Teachers wish Students Knew

    I dislike school.  This may be surprising given that, despite culminating my upper-education with a Bachelor’s degree a year ago, I have not been outside the classroom for more than a summer at any point in my life.   Schools, especially those in the formal educational system, are extraordinarily imperfect tools at best.  The vast […]

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