The 5 Best Books I Read in 2014

Every year, I strive to read at least 100 books. Most of them either fall into the research category (a synthesis of different studies), or are novels. Here are my top 4 best reads from 2014:


Quiet: the Secret Power of Introverts

Susan Cain

I’ve long known that I’m something of an introvert, but this book me proud of that fact. Author Susan Cain draws on a great deal of groundbreaking research to explore the idea that, in a world where the virtues of extroversion are extolled, there are many unspoken benefits of introversion.


The Up Side of Down: Why Failing Well is Key to Success

Megan McArdle

Much of the talk of the benefits of failure are filled with feel-good platitudes, but Megan McArdle’s book on the subject sheds new light on the subject. She reveals that failure is not only an important learning experience, but an essential part of growth.


Happy Money: the Science of Happier Spending

Elizabeth Dunn

There are plenty of books on how to earn money, ways to save money, and happiness… but this is the definitive collection of research on how to use money well to maximize quality of life.


Creativity, Inc.

Ed Catmull

If there’s anybody who can speak about the creative process, it is Ed Catmull, founder of Pixar. He has spent his life attempting to understand how to scale up creativity, and understands that while the process should not (and cannot) be systematized, an environment which fosters creativity can be created. I’ve quoted this book several times on the blog already and found some of his insights to be wonderfully profound.


Words of Radiance

Brandon Sanderson (Novel)

I’ve long been a fan of Brandon Sanderson’s worldbuilding. The first book in the Stormlight Archive was a strong start, but this sequel is in a category of it’s own.


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    Gavin Roy -  January 10, 2015 - 9:25 pm 1292

    100 books a year – that is amazing! And I thought my goal of 40 was ambitious. Do you keep track of your book lists online anywhere, like on Goodreads?

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