• mindfulness

    Practice Everyday Mindfulness For Healthy Blood Sugar

    In another win for mindfulness, a new study has found a link between healthier blood glucose levels and individuals who practiced everyday mindfulness. This new information raises more questions about what mindfulness can do for you, and provides some potential therapeutic or intervention possibilities for patients at risk for type 2 diabetes. Everyday mindfulness linked […]

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  • sleep

    For Long-Term Memory, Sleep On It

    Sleep is important for a lot of reasons, but one reason is its role in learning and memory. Scientists have known for some time now that memory doesn’t function as well without proper rest, but the reasons for this are just now starting to be revealed. New research sheds light on the mechanism of how […]

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  • hippocampus

    Cut Out Sugar for a Healthy Hippocampus

    Sugar has come under fire for a number of health reasons, but a new study shows the direct effects sugar can have on the brain – and it’s not good for mental health. The research shows that consumption of sugar can have more damaging effects than trauma has on the hippocampus early in life. Stressors and […]

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  • memories

    Retain Information by Making Rewarding Memories

    How does our brain decide what memories are important? How does it determine the information that is worth storing accurately? New neuroscience research shows that memories associated with a higher reward are reinforced and prioritized, while other memories take a back seat. Memories are prioritized based on rewards  It has been known for some time […]

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  • How Mindfulness Meditation Saves You from Stress

    There is an increasing amount of research that supports the positive effects of mindfulness mediation. It has been associated with numerous health benefits, and now we have information about what exactly it does to change the mind and body. As it turns out, “mindfulness meditation” increases connections in the attention and memory part of the brain. Not […]

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  • running

    For A Fit Brain, Choose Running Over CrossFit

    You’ve probably heard that exercising is good for your brain as well as your body. But not all exercise is created equal. A new study shows that aerobic exercise (like running) is better than anaerobic exercise (like weight lifting) when it comes to improving learning and memory. Exercise is good for your brain Over the […]

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  • bilingual

    More Evidence that Being Bilingual Makes You Smarter

    A lot of evidence has started accumulating about the benefits for your brain of being bilingual. Here is another: A study in toddlers shows that switching between two different languages increases mental flexibility and improves performance on conflict inhibition tasks. Switching between languages The newly published research from at Concordia University looked at bilingual compared […]

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  • hand writing

    Hand Writing Can Make You Smarter

    Whether you’re in a lecture, workshop, or you’re trying to learn something new through a how-to book, you will probably be jotting down notes about what you’re learning. Are you jotting them on a piece of paper, or typing them in a word file? Science says that hand writing is the way to turn note-taking […]

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