• Progress Update: French

    Today marks the two week (halfway) point in my experiment to learn French.  I’ve actually found the process to be surprisingly easy so far, despite the fact that I am still working full-time in English.  Below is my schedule and some tips for my fellow language students and/or productivity enthusiasts.   (to the left: the […]

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  • Experiment Setup: Which Drugs to Take?

    I do not approach the idea of taking any drug lightly, even one prescribed to me by a doctor.  So when I was setting up my experiment on the effects of different drugs on studying, I knew that I had to choose the subjects of my experiment carefully.   There are a lot of interesting […]

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  • Experiment Setup: Study Drugs

    One of the experiments I am currently carrying out is on the effects of different “brain boosters” or “study drugs” on learning.  My intention was to create something close to a “one man blind clinical trial” on the different drugs, so I had a friend remove the labels from each of the bottles.  I chose […]

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