How to Concentrate on Studies: Study Tips you Must Know

Has your mind ever wandered while studying?

I’m guessing the answer is “yes.” Like most people, you’ve probably gotten bored and distracted. Studying can be tiresome and tedious. If you’re preparing for a test, it can be very frustrating to feel like you’re wasting time.

I set out to fix this: to learn how to concentrate on studies. I created a free course full of speed studying techniques. Here’s some of the main things it covers:

The Study Environment

Your environment plays a huge role in how well you can study. If it’s too loud or distracting, you’ll have a hard time focusing. In the course, you’ll learn about:

  • Where to study to help concentration
  • How to set up your study area
  • What kind of music to listen to

Perfect Studying

Boredom is a sign you’re not learning.

If you’re getting bored while studying, it’s because you’re using bad study techniques. When the brain is engaged in learning, boredom goes away. That’s why I created the perfect practice plan. When you use “perfect practice,” you’ll spend less time studying but remember more.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. If you’ve ever played sports, you know that more practice only helps until a certain point. Exercising for an hour a day is a good idea, but three hours per day is excessive. In fact, you can actually hurt yourself by exercising so much.

Studying is the same way. When you study too much you become exhausted. This means you actually remember less. Smart students know that resting is just as important as studying.

Staying Focused

The perfect practice plan is designed to help you stay focused. It breaks up your studies into smaller chunks and uses science to help you remember the most from each session.

There are other ways to stay focused, though. Some people suggest rewarding yourself, for example. The best technique is to turn the study session into a sort of game. If you can make it fun, then focus comes easily.

You might think it’s impossible to make studying fun, but that’s not true!

There are a number of apps and games I cover in the speed studying course that can turn studying into a fun experience.

Staying Motivated

The perfect practice plan will help you get the most out of your study sessions. But that doesn’t mean anything if you give up.

To stay motivated to study, there’s a secret trick called “metacognition.” This is just a fancy way of keeping track of what you’ve learned. If you don’t keep track, you’ll become frustrated because you don’t realize how far you’ve come.

Learning seems slow unless you keep track of it. Then, when you look back, you realize you’ve made huge progress. It’s about celebrating your victories. For example, when I learned to read novels in a foreign language, I kept track of how fast I was able to read. It sure didn’t feel like I got 3x faster, but I did! This kept me motivated and excited to keep reading.

The speed studying course will cover all my favorite strategies for keeping track of your studies and staying motivated.

Learn How to Concentrate on Studies

If you really want to improve your studies, I suggest enrolling in my free course, below. Each video in the series will teach you an essential study trick. You’ll learn quick and easy strategies to help you concentrate on your studies.


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