Books & Blogs

Here’s a list of the best books I recommend. Of the 100+ books I read per year, only about 2 make it onto this list. Some of them deal with learning, others do not. There are science and research books, as well as novels and prose.

Also, check out the links to other blogs, which contains sites I’ve found interesting or useful. The page contains both general learning sites as well as skill-specific blogs.

Audio (Spoken Word and Music)

I’m a big fan of the Great Courses, which are recorded audio lectures from hand-selected university professors. I’ve learned a lot of interesting knowledge about a wide variety of different subjects, and reviewed and my favorite online courses and my favorite audio lectures.

To improve your focus, here’s a collection of my favorite study and focus music playlists on Spotify and Pandora. For help creating your own study playlist, or to check out even more advanced focus music neuroscience, check out the blog post on study music.

Note Taking & Flashcards

Notes can be used for different purposes. Sometimes you just want to store information. Other times you actually want to use notes in order to help you remember more. Read the article on note taking to learn the best strategies for your particular situation.

If you’ve ever needed to memorize something, like lists of words or parts of the body, you’ve probably used flashcards. But are you using them correctly? Learn about how to use flashcards for optimal learning.

Games, Educational Software and MOOCs

Games can be incredibly powerful teaching tools. Check out my reviews of different educational games.

Online courses have become a very powerful way to learn. Here’s a list of all the best online courses to learn anything.

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